Sunday, 21 April 2013

Plantar fasciitis insoles

Now you can get specially adapted orthotic insoles specially designed for people who have plantar fasciitis or people who have a high risk of getting the condition for example people with flat fee and want to prevent themselves getting the problem.
Planatar fasciitis is cureable but it takes some time and you wont be able to put pressure or weight on the affected foot for some time. Plantar fasciitis causes your feet to feel uncomfortable and painful and it is best avoided. It is preventable if you wear right fitting shoes which are not too big and not to small as this can cause in both instances rubbing and inflammation of the plantar fascia.
Plantar fasciitis insoles are much more cost effective than most people think and are available with arch support to help give the plantar fascia much needed help on supporting the arch of the foot. With age the plantar fascia becomes weakened so extra support is very much needed to stop it from collapsing or getting damaged.

Anyway I just thought i would tell you all about these insoles because not many people actually know about them and people just assume that the insoles found in their shoes as standard are good enough even though they maybe flat and offer no support or protection whatsoever.

You may even be surpsied how much more comfortable your feet will feel after swapping your insoles for of these!


  1. this is a great post about insoles to help with plantar fasciitis but what are the best best shoes for plantar fasciitis ?