Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to improve your eyesight

"Your eyesight is a precious gift" So you need to look after your eyesight but how? and how can I improve it?
In this article i will hopefully answer a couple of these questions.

With the help of pinhole glasses it is now possible to train your eyes to see more clearly  Wearing pinhole glasses is a bit like a workout for your eyes, but it takes no effort.
Your eyes have muscles that are constantly changing shape to help focus the light that enables you to see more clearly  Overtime as you get older these muscles will weaken this results in these eye muscles not being able to do the tasks they are meant to as effectively  But like all muscles you can strengthen them and combat the effect ageing has on them. Simply by wearing pinhole glasses while doing tasks that you might be doing anyway like watching tv you can enhance your eyesight and also make sure that eye problems that can occur in later life don't.
There aren't that many ways to improve your eye sight except from wearing glasses, contact lenses, surgery and these but the others just mask the problems and are just a quick fix and don't actually do anything to improve the eye muscles and eyesight!
Pinhole glasses help you took look after your eyesight, people go running to stay fit so why dont people wear try to keep there eyes healthy as well?

Just thought id tell you about these great pinhole glasses!


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